Leaf composting, Perry-Lee West

Leaf Composting: 9 Tips for Success

Leaf composting became a bit easier for the people who attended Horticulturist Perry-Lee West’s recent workshop at Norfolk Botanical Garden. To help you make the best use of the leaves in your own yard, Perry-Lee shared these tips from her workshop. Shred the leaves really well. If there’s space, run over the entire pile with…

Penn State Extension

Penn State Extension Gardening Manual Now Available

Penn State Extension recently published the revised Master Gardener Manual, an 800-page hardcover, case-bound resource covering a broad range of gardening and landscape topics and best practices. Even if you’re not a Master Gardener or considering becoming one – the two primary audiences intended for this publication – the manual is available to the public…

Mary Livingston Ripley Garden, MAG

Visiting the Mary Livingston Ripley Garden

The Mary Livingston Ripley Garden is one of my favorite gardens in downtown, Washington, D.C. It is a true gem, and the beautiful tiered fountain and sound of trickling water reinforces the feeling that this garden is an oasis in a bustling city. The garden features a long curvilinear brick walkway designed by Washington, D.C….

native plants fall interest, Tom Houser, NBG

11 Native Plants with Fall Interest

Native plants with fall interest will be the primary topic tomorrow when Norfolk Botanical Garden’s Tom Houser, Senior Horticulturist, and Theresa Augustin, Director of Environmental Engagement and Outreach, lead a Native Plant Walk & Talk through the Virginia Native Plant Garden. Located within Norfolk Botanical Garden, the Virginia Native Plant Garden consists of trails and…

Winterizing garden tools, MAG

Winterizing Garden Tools

Winterizing garden tools is an important part of putting your garden to bed for the season. Here are some helpful tips and reminders from Duncan Himmelman, PhD, the Education Manager at Mt. Cuba Center in Hockessin, Delaware, which is offering a workshop on winterizing garden tools today! For hand tools like shovels, hoes, spades, and…

Ginter Urban Gardeners, wiki

Ginter Urban Gardeners: Call for Applicants

Ginter Urban Gardeners is a new program in the Richmond , Virginia region designed to increase urban green space. And it’s now accepting applications for the upcoming program! During the 12-week Ginter Urban Gardeners training program, participants will learn sustainable horticulture and agriculture best practices, urban landscape and garden design, project management, and volunteer coordination….

Tried and true native plants, MAG

Tried and True Native Plants for Your Garden

Looking for tried and true native plants to add to your landscape? Lucky for you, the Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia (MGNV)  created the “Tried and True Native Plant Selections for the Mid-Atlantic” to help educate people about native plants and encourage more people to plant them. The online MGNV fact sheets include nearly 100…

Native shrubs with winter interest. wiki

10 Shrubs with Winter Interest

Many shrubs with winter interest could be perfect candidates for your yard, and a couple on this list have the extra benefit of being native shrubs. Who wouldn’t enjoy beautiful blooms, foliage, or fruit; interesting forms or branch structures; fragrances, and other attributes of these shrubs during the cold winter months. Les Parks, Curator of…

Halloween in the Garden

Halloween in the Garden

Celebrating Halloween in the garden is a custom that appears to be going strong, if the folks in my surrounding neigborhoods are an indicator. Within a short walk’s distance, I found a wide variety of creative, fun, and sometimes downright scary Halloween garden decorations and ideas. Neighbor’s Jack-o-lantern arbor creates a sensational holiday entrance.  …