Vegetable Gardening Resources for Mid-Atlantic Gardeners

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Are you new to vegetable gardening in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania or other parts of the Mid-Atlantic region? Here are several free vegetable gardening resources from regional experts that might be of interest to you or Vegetable garden in springsomeone you know.


Vegetable Gardening Practices to Protect the Chesapeake Bay and Waterways

This useful, brief self-assessment from the University of Maryland Extension outlines actions gardeners can take to help protect the Chesapeake Bay and regional waterways. It’s an excellent quick-read overview of gardening best practices. And a great reminder for seasoned vegetable gardeners.


How to Grow Vegetables

A very handy collection of profiles on a wide variety of vegetables, with information on planting, cultivation, and harvesting. Many profiles include videos and links to additional resources.

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Vegetable Garden Rotation by Plant Families

Vegetable garden plant rotation helps minimize pests and keep soil more fertile. This article from the Penn State Extension provides an excellent overview and a chart of common home garden vegetables organized by family.




Common Vegetable Diseases and PestsControl pest in vegetable garden

Two easy-to-use resources from the University of Maryland Extension cover a variety of common vegetable diseases and vegetable pests. Profiles typically include color photos, descriptions, symptoms, and recommended control methods.

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Author: John Gunn

John is the owner and publisher of Mid-Atlantic Gardener, LLC. John is an active Master Gardener through the Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia Tech, a member of the Virginia Native Plant Society, a recipient of two USDA Graduate School certificates, in horticulture and landscape design, a former "shrubber" at Merrifield Garden Center, a two-term council chair for Arlington Chamber of Commerce and the owner of a thriving gardening and design business since 2010. John received his master's degree in marketing from Johns Hopkins University and spent 20 years developing marketing plans, strategies and brands for national nonprofit organizations in the Washington, D.C. market prior to following his passion for gardening and sustainable landscapes.