Alonso Abugattas

Alonso Abugattas’ Native Plant Picks for Wildlife

Expert naturalist and environmental educator Alonso Abugattas recently spoke at the sold-out 13th Annual EcoSavvy Symposium at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Virginia. I asked Alonso to share some of his favorite native plants for attracting and supporting wildlife. Here’s his reply. Goldenrods (Solidago spp.) There are many different species of Goldenrods – 36 species…

6 Ways to Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Are you looking for ways to boost the value of your yard as a habitat for birds, butterflies, beneficial insects, and other wildlife? Fred Ball, an organizer for the upcoming Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat Workshop on March 4, 2017 with the Virginia Beach Master Gardeners, shares these useful tips and reminders. Look at your…

wildlife habitats, Bill McLaughlin, USBG

Bill McLaughlin on Creating Healthy Wildlife Habitats

Bill McLaughlin, Curator at the United  States Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C., will be speaking about biodiversity and wildlife habitats during the upcoming  EcoSavvy Symposium on February 18, 2017 at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Va. In 2005, Bill became the Curator of Plants with oversight of the plant-based content of the Botanic Garden. He…

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10 Native Vines for Your Garden that Attract Wildlife

Selecting the best vines to add to your garden can be a challenging task. Is the growth habit appropriate for your space? Does the vine enhance your landscape with multiple seasons of visual interest? Is it native and will it help attract and support wildlife habitats in your yard? Happily, a variety of native Mid-Atlantic…

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Gardening for Wildlife

Bring more wildlife into your garden by selecting the right plants and practicing the best gardening methods to create an abundant habitat. This workshop will focus on attracting birds, butterflies and pollinators.