Serviceberry Tree

Pruning Flowering Trees

Join instructors Andrew Lyman and Tyler Altenburger and learn about the correct timing and proper techniques for pruning flowering trees.

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11 Tips for Pruning Shrubs and Trees in Late Winter

The final weeks of winter are an ideal time for pruning shrubs and trees. Why is pruning important? “Pruning shrubs and trees is part of an overall plant health regimen,” says Kirsten Ann Conrad, Extension Agent for Arlington County and the City of Alexandria, Va. “Pruning is a tool for managing the size of your…

Native Plants for Landscapes: Trees

Native Plants for Landscape: A Series for Green Industry Professionals, is part of the Native Plants for Landscapes series designed for the Landscape Professional by Penn State Extension, Bucks County, in partnership with Bowman’s Hill Wildflower. During this class, you’ll learn about common and underused native trees suitable for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Discussions will include identification, seasonal interest, cultural needs and availability.

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Fruiting Shrubs & Trees Walk & Talk

Discover some of the Garden’s most interesting and unique gardens with Join Pat Sisson, Senior Horticulturalist at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, for a guided tour of some of the Garden’ most interesting fruiting trees and shrubs.