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11 Tips for Pruning Shrubs and Trees in Late Winter

The final weeks of winter are an ideal time for pruning shrubs and trees. Why is pruning important? “Pruning shrubs and trees is part of an overall plant health regimen,” says Kirsten Ann Conrad, Extension Agent for Arlington County and the City of Alexandria, Va. “Pruning is a tool for managing the size of your…

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Winter Pruning Resources in Mid-Atlantic

Winter pruning of trees and shrubs is on the minds of many gardeners as we approach February. So now is a great time for a refresher on best practices for winter pruning. We’re currently updating the Mid-Atlantic Gardener calendar of gardening events for 2017, and you’ll see several pruning classes, workshops and demonstrations coming to…

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10 Shrubs with Winter Interest

Many shrubs with winter interest could be perfect candidates for your yard, and a couple on this list have the extra benefit of being native shrubs. Who wouldn’t enjoy beautiful blooms, foliage, or fruit; interesting forms or branch structures; fragrances, and other attributes of these shrubs during the cold winter months. Les Parks, Curator of…

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Fruiting Shrubs & Trees Walk & Talk

Discover some of the Garden’s most interesting and unique gardens with Join Pat Sisson, Senior Horticulturalist at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, for a guided tour of some of the Garden’ most interesting fruiting trees and shrubs.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Native Trees and Shrubs at Phipps

During this program at Phipps Conservatory, learn about native trees and shrubs with presenters from the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. Meet in the Tropical Forest Conservatory. Check website for details.