How to Test Soil

Learn how to test soil, take soil samples and interpret the results on the soil report with these very useful videos. Source: Virginia Cooperative Extension


Creating amazing compost.


How to Start Composting

Learn how to start composting with this extensive overview. What is compost? What materials can be composted? What materials should not be composted? What is the carbon nitrogen ratio? What are the benefits of composting? Also includes useful tips for reducing yard waste. Source: Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Division of Air and Waste Management and Non-Point Source Program


Composting Guide for Home Gardeners

Everything you need to know to get started with composting. Source: Penn State Extension


Digging in the Garden

Digging in the garden.

How to Make Your Own Potting Soil

Tired of purchasing potting soil each spring? Learn how to make your own with this very useful fact sheet. Source: Penn State Extension


Composting Demonstration Sites in Delaware

Composting demonstration sites in four locations across Delaware offer visitors a chance to see composting in action and participate in workshops throughout the year.  Source: Delaware’s Cooperative Extension Office

Compost in back of truck


Selection and Use of Mulches and Landscape Fabrics

Gain a better understanding of why and how you should use mulch as a protective layer in your beds, the differences between the types of mulch and landscape fabrics, and practices you should avoid when mulching.
Source: Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University


Soil Test Fact Sheet and Form for Virginia

Everything you need to submit your soil test to Virginia Tech for analysis. Source:

Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences – Virginia Tech Soil Testing Lab